What Is A Home Inspection?

What Is A Home Inspection?

A home inspection is an independent, limited, non-insvasive inspection of the current condition of a property, usually in connection with the selling of that property. Home inspectors are qualified to do such inspections, who usually have the proper training and certifications to carry out such inspections on a commercial building. In a typical home inspection, a professional home inspector will perform an inspection covering the roof, attic, windows, basement, plumbing, drainage system, sewer system, electrical system, heating system, and the ventilation system. These systems are normally inspected one at a time to give a true picture of the current state of the home.

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The most important parts of a home inspection is the roof, floor, ceiling, walls, windows, doors, and other structural elements. If any of these structural elements need to be repaired or replaced, a home inspection will report this to the seller, who will usually require a written contract (sometimes referred to as a Special Contract) detailing the work to be performed. It is very important that home inspectors are reputable and adhere to accepted home inspection standards. Reputable home inspectors should belong to a professional organization such as the National Society of Professional Engineers. Such organizations require members to undergo a thorough background and training process to assure that the members are competent and trustworthy.

Some examples of typical home inspection services include repairing roof leaks, inspecting appliances, checking for structural damage, inspecting foundation and footings, examining interior vapor barriers, testing for smoke and fire hazards, visual disturbance, inspecting exterior doors and windows, evaluating visual noise, detecting radon gas leakage, and inspecting and testing exterior drainage system. Other services commonly provided by home inspectors include inspecting appliances for condition, determining if they meet recommended safety standards, determining the suitability of flooring in new construction, determining the suitability of lighting in new home construction, determining the suitability of basement water drainage systems, and the suitability of home landscaping. Home inspectors may also perform pest examinations. They may also add conditions to the warranty of the home to protect the buyer from home defects. All home warranties require at least two years of written notice, so home buyers are well advised to get a home inspection prior to purchase.

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