The Purpose of Home Inspections

The Purpose of Home Inspections

A home inspection is usually a confined, non-invasive review of the status of a residential property, most often in relation to the imminent sale of that property. Home inspections are generally performed by an individual home inspector who already has the appropriate training and credentials to do such inspections on residential property. Home inspectors are not out to make a profit from your misfortune of buying a house that needs some repair work done. They are out to make sure that the home you are buying is free of all defects which may affect its condition after purchase. While most home inspectors will let you know that the inspection was as thorough as possible, it is very important to understand that the home inspection report is simply a preliminary review of what was found inside your home.

What Can You Do About Home Inspection Right Now

The home inspection report is generated after the home inspector walks through the entire house, noting everything he or she notices as they move from room to room. It is typically a two or three page report which details any visible problems, their nature and any action that has been taken to correct the problem. The home inspection typically occurs prior to the closing date of the buyer, but many buyers choose to have it after closing in order to ensure that the home is as clean as possible so that buyers feel comfortable bringing that home into their lives. It is a good idea for prospective home buyers to find a home inspection service to conduct this sort of inspection on their home at no cost to them. You can always ask your realtor if they have someone in the market who would be interested in conducting this inspection on your behalf.

If a problem such as a roof leak or other type of serious defect exists before the home inspection is completed, then the home inspector will note it on the home inspection report. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the homeowner has done anything wrong; it is merely an opportunity for you to make certain that the foundation of your home is in proper condition. All of the major foundations are inspected during this process, including basement and crawl space foundations, since these are more susceptible to damages and issues.

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