Home Inspections & Buyer Education

Home Inspections & Buyer Education

A home inspection is basically a non-invasive, visual examination of the general condition of a property, usually in connection with a real estate sale. Home inspectors generally are qualified to do such inspections and are trained and certified to do so. Such inspections are done by home inspectors who have the appropriate training and certifications, which usually include having an industry-recognized and guaranteed quality control and standards. For example, it is very usual for home inspectors to be licensed by the Texas Department of Insurance, which requires home inspectors to have a minimum of five years’ experience in the type of real estate inspection that they will be performing.

Learn To (Do) Home Inspection Like A Professional

A home inspection typically finds problems in three areas – the physical structure of the home, the systems and components of the physical structure and the foundation, and the maintenance and proper safety of these systems and components. A home inspection does not include the attic, crawlspace or detached outer walls as part of its visual examination. Although, foundation repairs and other inspections may be recommended by the home inspector, these are not generally part of the home inspection. Usually, the purpose of a home inspection is to identify and correct identified issues prior to the real estate sale.

A home seller who intends to sell his property but does not want to wait until after the home is sold can perform Sellers Check prior to listing the home. Through Sellers Check, the potential buyer can find out about the home’s major problems, such as what parts of the house need to be replaced and what repairs need to be made, and what the home buyers’ association fees are. In addition, if there are any defects, repairs, or problems with the home’s foundation, the seller can be informed of these details prior to listing the home. With this additional inspection information, the potential buyer can make an offer based on what he or she sees was wrong with the home. Therefore, Sellers Checks provides home sellers an opportunity to take corrective action before listing their home and preventing unnecessary expenses and unwanted headaches for home buyers.

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